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Los Angeles & Orange County Jewish Singles

 Jewish Singles in Los Angeles and Jewish Singles in Orange County now have access to a HUGE variety of Jewish singles and couples activities in Los Angeles, Orange County, the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys, and surrounding areas.

If you are Jewish, single or in a relationship, and live in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas, Nexus now hosts it's event listing on ChosenNet.  Please click on one of the links to the right to go to the Nexus member pages for your city or area and to sign-up to receive Nexus event emails and to RSVP for events. 

Nexus is more then just a place for Jewish singles and couples in their 20's - 30's and 30's - 40's living in and around Los Angeles and Orange County, it is a young Jewish community where the members interact both in person and online for friendship, dating, roommates, trips, and adventure.  As such, the Nexus members have profiles set up on ChosenNet to enable them to get to know one another, post Nexus events, and hopefully connect.  Please note that before your request to join will be accepted, you will NEED to fill in at least a little bit of your profile.  We do this to create a sense of community and to help you connect easier with our members.  Check it out, it's free to join! 

People who have become part of the Nexus family have overwhelmingly appreciated this new approach to Jewish singles and couples networking as it is typically warm, friendly, and inviting.

By clicking on one of the links to the right, you will be able to see samples of our members WITH pictures and profiles as well as some of our upcoming events, all for FREE!

Nexus is the largest, longest continually running Jewish singles and couples group serving the South Bay, Greater Long Beach, and Orange County averaging between 6 - 10 events a month (now in Los Angeles and the Valleys).  Nexus provides events for both Jewish singles and Jewish couples.  About 90% of our group is made up of Jewish singles.   Nexus has expanded its events to include Los Angeles, the Valley, and San Bernardino events.  In addition, Jews who have attended our events or heard of our growing Jewish family are working to create open, fun, and exciting Nexus Jewish singles and couples groups in their communities.  Nexus is not-for-profit and simply charges to cover costs and often runs at a slight deficit.  Events are planned and posted by Nexus' volunteer members.

Please note, Nexus has NO interest in trying to make you more or less observant.  Nexus is here to simply bring Jews together of all denominations and backgrounds including Sephardic, Ashkenazi, Persian, Ethiopian, Asian, secular, reconstructionist, reform, conservative, modern orthodox, and orthodox to share and enjoy activities and events they would normally do on their own or have always wanted to try with a group.  Welcome to the Nexus Jewish family.

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If you do not see your city or state listed, please click on the link for ChosenNet and join a rapidly growing group of 1,000's of Jews from around the world who network for dates, friends, jobs, roommates, and travel partners all for FREE.  Then, if you'd like, we can help you start a group in your state, city, or town!

A Few of the Hundreds of
Past Nexus Events

  • Introduction to Gourmet Chocolate
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Annual Mega Rosh Hashanah Hike
  • Salsa Dancing
  • Rock N' Bowl - Bowling Nights
  • Cinco De Mayo Toga Party
  • Annual Superbowl Party
  • International Dining Group
  • Annual Bar Crawls
  • House Parties 
  • Nexus Book Club
  • Israeli Dancing
  • Monthly Hikes
  • Annual Mega Kayaking Event
  • Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Beach Bonfires
  • Griffith Observatory Visit
  • Malibu Getty Tour